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Oaklash hosts a weekend-long festival of drag and other queer performance that takes place annually in Oakland, California.


Founded by Beatrix LaHaine and Mama Celeste in 2018, Oaklash has featured hundreds of queer performers from the Bay Area and all around the world.


Oaklash is dedicated to building new and ever-expanding stages to showcase & elevate Bay Area queer talent. Our programming aims to create safe and accessible environments that celebrate the queer community, especially queer and trans people of color. Our organization was created to showcase performances that are boundary pushing, provocative, and unique to the sensibility of the Bay Area. We aim to stay true to the history of Oakland as a home to creative renaissance rooted in diversity. We hope that by amplifying and supporting the queer art community in the Bay Area, we can emphasize the need for investment in the arts in the face of systemic racism, growing economic disparities, and the Bay Area housing crisis.


Please credit Oaklash & any photographers and artists pictured 

before distributing photos publicly



Oaklash is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit charity in the state of California (EIN: 38-4133258)

All donations to Oaklash are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.




Oaklash Board Retreat 2023 - Edit.jpg

Oaklash Board of Directors

President: Charles Hawthorne • Vice President: Ambrose Trataris

Secretary: Maha Wam • Treasurer: Lex Young

Directors: Vera Hannush • Beatrix Lahaine • Jethro Cuenca

Gabriele Christian • LOTUS BOY

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